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During the flooring manufacturing process, the finished product will require curing periods, requiring high temperatures that often times require intense pressure. Whether you need a conveyor belt, release press pad, a film-fabric or tape for these applications, our performance materials and know-how, can help you identify problems within your operation and then to provide durable solutions that will increase your business and output as a whole!

Our customers are interested in longer lasting belts, fabrics, films and tapes.

Our engineered and flexible products thrive in heated, chemically hostile, and mechanically challenging environments. We offer the chemical inertness and release properties that your procedures require.

Flooring Oven Belts

Capabilities and qualifications:

  • We have the broadest range of solid, non-porous and open mesh oven conveyors, for all OEM or in-house designed equipment.
  • We have the ability to customize your surface texture. We are able to facilitate every possible need, ranging from highly textured to super smooth.
  • We can provide every thickness, one mil at a time, from 10 to 50 mil.
  • Available widths up to 210 inches
  • Abrasion resistant formulations

Our belts possess the following characteristics: Up to 200 inches wide, smooth or textured, abrasive resistant formulations, a range from 10 to 50 mil thick, created with a seam,  seamless and may be heat sealed on site.

Up to 210 inches wide, varying size openings, in Glass and/or Kevlar, with a broad array of seams and edges.

Specialty Pressure sensitive adhesive tapes for your flooring manufacturing requirements.


HiTemp Materials, now provides heat sealing equipment, that can be custom made to your specifications. These options includes size and fit, in order to meet your individual needs. For your convenience, we also sell the necessary ancillary accessories, to maintain and optimize the use of your belts.

PTFE, FEP, ETFE, PFA, copolymer films, or film/glass composites to your desired width, to heat seal or to patch belts, in thickness from 0.5 mil to 10 mil.
Customer made insulating boards, tackers, patching sheets, installation kits.