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We offer the most diverse line of PTFE and silicone coated fiberglass, belts, tapes and fabrics! We are excited to announce that we also now offer custom made heat sealers, for your belting installs!

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Whether you are processing poultry, beef, pancakes, eggs, flatbread, or pet food, HiTemp PTFE belts can improve your product because our belts are designed to offer long-lasting release!

Our customers are interested in longer lasting belts.

Our PTFE belts are an excellent choice for you, because when we formulate and design PTFE belts, we operate with the understanding of the  importance of the heat transfer rate, along with the  knowledge of the stress and tracking difficulties, your belts are going to be subject to, during their use.

We are proud of our reputation for strictly adhering to US food administration protocols necessary for safe and direct food contact.

If your industry involves working with: poultry and beef contact cookers or searing lines:

We provide belting, for grilling lines, from every manufacturer. Because of our wide and diverse network of sources, including: JBT, Stein, GEA and Formcook, your access to the perfect product for you and your needs, is greater than with most companies!

During the cooking process, your processed food will require curing periods, that require high temperatures and will be subject to intense pressure in your contact grills. Our conveyor belt performance material and practical know-how can help you find, obtain and institute durable solutions.

Capabilities and qualifications:

  • 10 to 14 mil PTFE Dip-coats and Laminates, engineered with high tensile and smooth durable PTFE coating.
  • Available with enhanced edges for tacking and tearing.

If your industry involves working with or creating: eggs, sausage, pizza, flat bread or patties:

Whether you need a conveyor belt, release press pad or a film-fabric or tape for these applications, we have no doubt that we can assist you in identifying your challenges, solutions and ultimately creating a practical plan for your company’s success!

Capabilities and qualifications:


  • 10 to 14 mil PTFE, dip-coats, laminates, engineered with high tensile and smooth durable PTFE coating
  • Food Grade silicone coated glass
  • Precision fabrication of seams and edges for better tracking and durability.

Our engineered flexible products thrive in heated, chemically hostile and mechanically challenging environments. We offer the chemical inertness and release properties that your processes require.

We are excited to now offer heat sealing equipment, along with the ancillary accessories, to maintain your belts, all in one convenient location! We help to insure your success by customizing your sealer, to meet  your size and fit needs!

PTFE, FEP, ETFE, PFA, copolymer films, or film/glass composites to your desired width, to heat seal or to patch belts, in thickness from 0.5 mil to 10 mil.
Customer made insulating boards, tackers, patching sheets, installation kits.