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At HiTemp Materials, we offer the most diverse line of PTFE and silicone impregnated/laminated textiles! We have the capability to meet your every need because our multi-facitated product line can be fabricated into belts, tapes, and fabrics.

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Our engineered flexible products thrive in heated, chemically hostile, and mechanically challenging environments. We offer the chemical inertness and release properties, that your procedures and protocols require. We can formulate our fabrics, films and tapes while constantly having your application requirements in mind and as the ultimate priority.

Our customers are interested in resistant and durable fabrics, films and tapes.


Capabilities and qualifications:

PTFE & silicone impregnated/laminated textiles, such as glass are used as processing aides in cases where temperature resistance, chemical inertness and /or release are required during the manufacturing process.

Our manufacturing processing is so diverse, that we tailor, design and formulate PTFE and silicone composites to better suit each individual application in an ongoing effort to provide durability and value for our customers and their needs.

We have the technical expertise as an in-house resource, to enable us to further understand your requirements and industry specifications. 

Your requirements will be met because our range to modify the surface finishes varies in range from 2 mil to 60 mil.


Capabilities and qualifications:

We can apply adhesives to the surface of our fabrics, resulting in  pressure sensitive tapes that will adhere to heated surfaces up to 500 F.

These tapes offer the convenience of the adhesive along with the benefits of fabrics.


Capabilities and qualifications:

Fluoropolymer films offer flexibility and conformability along with the same characteristics as fabrics.

We offer extruded, skived and cast fluoropolymers films, ranging from 0.3 mil to 90 mil to 72” wide.

PTFE, FEP, ETFE, PFA, copolymer films or film/glass composites slit to your desired width.