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Hitemp Materials Corp. is proud to maintain a consistent leadership role, in the constant innovation of the tortilla belt industry. Our determination, to provide our clients with quality options,  has enabled us to develop one of  the most varied lines of dip-coats, laminates and fabricate PTFE belts. Our products, because of their ability to last in our client’s tortilla’s lines,  allow our clients to work with precision, and to produce high quality products.


  • Lawrence Equipment.
  • JC Ford Equipment.
  • KV Systems.
  • Casa Herrera.
  • AM Manufacturing.

Our HiTef and HiLam beltings.
Nuestras bandas de HiTef y HiLam.

Qualities and characteristics:

  • Formulations with abrasion resistance, for excellent wear and tear durability
  • Fabricated with precision for better tracking
  • Tough reinforced seams to last in your ovens
  • Minimized oil penetration and wicking, for longer lasting belts that preserve their mechanical strength while offering lasting release
  • Precise color coded tracking, metal tracking
  • Formulations with improved heat transfer

We understand how crucial seams can be! That is why HiTemp Materials tailor makes seams, to meet  your needs. Our choice of seams includes:  Kevlar seams, hidden seams, standard seams, reinforced seams, tailored seams and on-site heat spliced seams.

HiTemp Materials is able to serve you needs, in a unique way, because we evaluate one tortilla line at a time.  Weather your priority, is to add value to your company, by using longer lasting belts, or  your resources are on a regulated schedule and you need to find belts at a lower price point and at a high volume count per order, we not only have the right product for you, but we have the right price for you and your company. Let us help you start today! Call us. We can help!


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