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we are Hitemp Materials

HiTemp Materials Corp. is dedicated to supplying durable, high-performance and flexible material solutions, for industrial applications. Our clients work with materials that are consistently undergoing extreme conditions, where wear and tear are the standard and norm. Some examples of these challenges include:  extreme heat, chemical attacks, repeated sticking, releasing and the necessity to exist and operate in harsh mechanical or abrasive environments.

We are proud to have many years of experience, troubleshooting challenging applications.  We have the expertise to understand your applications and processes, in house and we can bridge the gap with a better material solution. Fortunately, we are not defined by our own manufacturing limitations, because in addition to our experience and tools, we have a broad array of national and international partners who possess the broadest technology bases.

Our mission is to find performance materials, that provide solutions to better serve your application requirements and ultimately your business needs.

Looking for the right solution, or a better way to operate your business?

HiTemp has the innovation and determination you need, to take your challenges from a problem, all the way to a solution!


Our HiTemp family is committed to giving you not only the best solutions for your business but to also have the most professional team available, for all of your needs. Whether it’s a bump on the road or a bridge to build, you can trust us in every step of the way. Your success and satisfaction are our number one goal!