While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions to everyday life, we are pleased to announce that HiTemp Materials continues to operate without disruption. HiTemp Materials Corp. is a critical converter and distributor of polytetrafluoroethylene and silicone composites essential to the ongoing operations for the Food, Beverage, and Grocery/Retail Industry. The country is depending on the many things manufacturers make, either as a product to directly combat COVID-19, or as part of the supply chain necessary for both comfort and survival during these uncertain times. Additionally, local response to COVID-19 depends on the continued manufacturing operations of our company. Our workforce remains healthy and committed to servicing our customer’s needs. To maintain a healthy and safe workplace, HiTemp Materials has aggressively adopted the recommendations from the federal government, including the Centers for Disease Control, Texas and Local authorities along with medical experts. HiTemp Materials has also implemented additional internal policies to limit the potential impact on the workplace. If you have any questions or special requirements during these challenging times, please contact your Sales Representative or HiTemp Materials customer service. We appreciate your continued support.

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Our products thrive in heated and mechanically challenging environments.
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HiTemp Materials Corp. is known for their high-quality construction, design, and testing
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When problems arise, it is important to rely on a company that can engineer the right solution.

HiTemp has the experience and knowledge to diagnose and deliver a performance material solution for your process. We love doing what we do, and it drives us to always give our best effort.


We, at HiTemp Materials  have the experience and knowledge, to diagnose and deliver a performance material solution for your process.


Our clients can tell that we love what we do, and that we are  driven by our desire to always give our best efforts! Our constant objective, is to help our clients identify their challenges, solutions and to answer all of their technical questions with the sense of urgency, that our valued clients and their needs deserve!


We are dedicated to supplying durable, high-performance and flexible material solutions, for our clients who are challenged daily, with industrial applications undergoing extreme conditions.


Our efforts, to keep a wide selection of products in stock and the ability to deliver your order, often times in the same day (Houston area), allows for many cost effective solutions for our valued clients!

Understanding Your Needs

HiTemp Materials consists entirely, of qualified personnel, who not only listen carefully but who also possess years of hands-on and  industrial-focused application knowledge!

We Find Solutions

We work with worldwide suppliers, who offer a broad array of technologies and capabilities, in an effort to partner with our customers, in their efforts towards success!

We Know How

Our ultimate goal is your success! We know that it is vital, that we listen carefully, in order to understand your needs and to design products that are critical to your growth as a company and the final accomplishment of your vision as a company.

We Engineer

Our goal is to create and make available, superior performing materials that meet the required specifications for your application requirements and needs.

We Deliver On Time

We strive to serve you and  your business by quickly and efficiently identifying and delivering  all of your products so that you may continue operating towards success!